Highly scalable innovative blockchain

Built to empower hyper-responsive & secure
decentralized cross-chain applications


Sub-second block times ensure high throughput (1,000 TPS - 100,000 TPS) needed for EXRNchain crosschain ecosystem and massive scalability for smart contracts and DApps.

Decentralized Applications

EXRT VM is based on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) codebase which allows for support of reliable decentralized applications and cross-blockchain DApps (running on EXRNchain).


EXRT Network is exploring different consensus algorithms (DPOS, Threshold Relay, Tendermint, PoH, DBFT, CPOS) and will be based on the most secure and reliable of them (after sufficient amount of testing).

Crosschain Interoperability

EXRT Network is the core securing the EXRNchain ecosystem that allows for crosschain transactions and has dozens of use cases. This allows EXRT network to be an interoperable blockchain.

Layer 2 Scaling for blockchains

Instant Scalable Cheap Transactions

EXRT Network is focused on building scalable blockchains, be it EXRT chain itself or scaling for the whole ecosystem of blockchains, including Ethereum.

EXRT will implement Layer-2 scaling Rollups for EXRT Network mainchain and EXRN crosschain gateway, which allows for instant, secure, fee-efficient and unstoppable transactions & inter-blockchain apps.

EXRT team is exploring Optimistic rollups, zkSync and Fuel as a backbone for EXRT Network layer-2 scaling.

EXRT Token

Type :
1,000,000,000 EXRT

Contract: 0xb20043F149817bff5322F1b928e89aBFC65A9925

Previous Distributions

EXRT mainnet will be a sidechain of Ethereum. It is going to be a sidechain built exclusively for EXRN crosschain network. In case Ethereum network is congested or slow, transactors will be able to use EXRT mainnet. 50% of EXRT tokens were distributed to EXRN token holders over the course of two years (2018 - 2019). When EXRT mainnet launches, EXRT tokens will be swapped to mainnet native tokens.

Vision of EXRT token utility after mainnet launch:

1. Crosschain Fees & Fuel : Any crosschain transaction on EXRNchain crosschain network will be making a purchase of a small EXRT amount as a fee. EXRT is a digital fuel to interchain transfers and ecosystem of applications.
2. Governance: EXRT will be a governance token that will allow holders to vote on changes that happens on the network (forks, protocol upgrades, integrations, difficulty, staking).
3. Staking : EXRT Network is proposed to have staking in a form of a) rewarding nodes for securing the network; b) crosschain fees distributed to holders. Staking mechanics are not final and may be subjected to changes prior to launch.

Token Distribution

50% Fair Distribution To EXRN Holders
20% Team
20% Investors & Partners
10% Ecosystem Development